Gourd Information: Articles, Tutorials, Tips and Tricks

A collection of articles and tutorials full of advice for everything from growing and drying gourds, to cutting, carving, and painting gourds.

Gourd Growing

Help for the gourd growing and drying process.

Growing Gourds.
Gourds need a long growing season, so in our colder climate that means starting them indoors. Here is how to do it.

Drying Gourds.
During harvest you will notice your gourds are heavy. That is because they are 90% water. Here is how to dry them properly so they don't rot.

Why do some fail to grow a good crop of gourds?
There could be a number of reasons why some gourds don't grow well, but these are my top five.

Gourd Crafting and Decorating

Help for creating a variety of craft projects with your dried gourds.

Crafting with Gourds.
Gourds are so versatile and there are so many different things that can be done with them that there is no way I can begin to cover them all. But here are a few ideas.

What Can You Do With A Gourd?
You are probably wondering why you would want to do anything with a gourd anyway. Well, here are all sorts of things you can do with them!

Gourd Chart.
"What is that gourd shape called?" Look at this chart and you'll find it.

How to Cut Gourds.
What tools are needed for cutting gourds? See this article to find out the best tools.

Gourd Craft Project.
This project shows a few problems you may encounter when working with gourds.

Making a Purse.
Canteen gourds are popular for making gourd purses. Here are step-by-step instructions.

What is Gourd Flu?
Some people are sensitive to the mold and dust that occurs when working with gourds.

Gourd Enthusiasm.
Gourds played an essential role in the daily life of early cultures. Here is a story of gourd use through history.

Gourd Tips and Tricks

Quick tips and tricks for gourding.

Birdhouse Tips.
How to turn that gourd into a birdhouse.

Gourd Crafting Tools.
Tools you may need for crafting with gourds.

Bugs on Gourd Plants.
Dealing with bugs on gourd plants.

Copyright Law.
What you need to know about gourd art and copyright law.

Diseased Plants.
Dealing with diseased gourd plants.

Harvesting Gourds.
When to harvest your gourds.

Health and Safety.
Protect yourself from gourd dust and mold safety hazards.

Planting Gourds.
How to plant gourds and avoid weeds.

Using Queen Anne's Lace.
How to press Queen Anne's Lace flowers for gourd decorations.

Stabilizing a Wobbly Gourd.
How to stop a gourd from wobbling.

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Crossword Puzzle
Pass the time with this gourd crossword puzzle.