Decorated, Crafted Gourds For Sale

You can buy a variety of crafted gourds from Martha's Gourds. Check out the categories of gourds below. Find a gourd crafted by Martha Bloom that would brighten up your day.

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crafted gourd bowl example

Crafted Gourd Bowls

Gourds cut into bowls of different shapes and artistically painted and embellished.

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gourd bank example

Crafted Gourd Banks

These gourds have been made into banks and painted with different designs.

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gourd animal example

Gourd Animals

These gourds have been transformed into different animals.

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wall hanging example

Gourd Wall Hangings

These gourds have been cut to hang against the wall and then artistially designed.

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Christmas gourd example

Christmas Themed Gourds

Here are some gourd that have a Christmas theme. They could be Santa Claus, snowmen, or ornaments.

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sold gourd example

Whole Gourds

Here are some whole gourds that I have decorated.

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sold gourd example

Sold Gourds

These are gourds that have been sold already. If you see one you would like to have, I could possibly do one for you. Please email me to check.

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accessories example

Gourd Crafting Accessories

Useful gloves for cleaning gourds and a very nice wood putty, great for unique gourd craft projects.

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Here are some of my gourd creations. Most of my creations are one of a kind, and even if I use the same pattern on other gourds, they always end up looking different because of the gourd itself.

Crafted gourds make wonderful gifts for all occasions and are especially appealing because of their uniqueness.

If one of my gourds catches your fancy and you would be interested in being its new owner you can get more details and purchase by clicking on the picture. The pictures are not to scale so please read the details for sizes.

Since they are one of a kind please leave the quantity at 1 in the shopping cart. If you see something you like that is already sold, I may be able to do a similar one for you.