Gourds For Sale from Martha's Gourds

Do you need a specific gourd for a craft project?

Don't want to deal with the hassles of growing, drying, and cleaning gourds yourself?

Gourd Bowl example

Then the "ready-to-craft" gourds from Martha's Gourds are just what you need! All of our gourds are cleaned and dried so you can skip the dirty work and get straight into being an artist!

At Martha's Gourds our specialty is pre-cut gourds and we no longer offer whole gourds. These gourds have already been artistically cut to shape and have the insides cleaned out. These cut gourds include birdhouse gourds, gourd bowls, gourd masks, gourd flower vases, and more.

These gourds are perfect if you do not have the proper tools for cutting and shaping gourds. With these cut gourds, they are ready for you to paint and decorate.

Just choose the right gourd for your crafting project from the pictures shown. Gourds are cut on an individual basis so all gourds are one of a kind. Please only choose a gourd one time or I may not be able to duplicate.

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Notice: I recently had to update shipping calculations. If the shipping quoted is more than I have to pay, you get the lower price. I won't know until I box up your order.

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There is no mess for you with my gourds ready for crafting. Let me do the work and you add your artistic talents. Do you have allergies? Don't take the chance on having a reaction cleaning moldy gourds. All of our gourds for sale are cleaned and prepped so that you won't have any of the mess and dirty work to do. Start creating the minute they arrive at your door.

All of our gourds for sale are cut, cleaned and ready to craft. Why Buy Ready-to-Craft Gourds?

Here are some samples of what gourds you will find for your crafting needs:

gourd bowl example

gourd basket example

Cut Gourd Bowls - Gourd Bowls Details

Basket Gourds - Gourd Basket Details

Also offered here are many unique and unusual crafted and painted gourds for home decor and accent pieces. You can find a gourd for yourself or one for a gift for that special someone. They are great for any occasion.

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Customer Testimonials

  • The owl I received is adorable! Thank you I love it. Lynn, IN
  • Dear Martha, Just received my second order of gourds from you today. Thank you so much for your prompt service. I really appreciate the fact that you have photos of each gourd to look at before making the decision to purchase. Thank you! Mary Jo
  • I just received my gourds via the mails. They are some of the prettiest gourds I've ever purchased. No surprises other than they're even better than expected, with great shipping! Shipping box was in perfect shape, as, most importantly, were the gourds. Just wanted to say thank you. My birds will thank you as well. They truly are READY TO CRAFT! Kathleen, OH



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