What To Do With Bugs On Gourd Plants?

Oh boy is it ever hot here in central Pennsylvania! I'm not complaining much though because I know my gourd plants are loving it. You can stand there and almost watch them grow. Some are vining with some male blossoms on. We had a good rain last week to water them and now they are due for another dose of fertilizer.

I had a little bit of a problem with cucumber beetles on the egg gourds. Those pesky things seem to know exactly when you set them out. I took some lime and sprinkled the leaves with it and it seems to have really helped. They didn't go after the hardshell gourd plants much at all.

Gardeners around here use lime to help keep the deer and rabbits from eating their vegetable plants, too. I've been dusting everything since I noticed some of my sweet corn nibbled on. I always end up with volunteer sunflowers in the garden since I feed the birds. Deer love to eat these too so they get a dusting also.