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You can buy a variety of gourds from Martha's Gourds. Check out the categories of gourds below. Surely you'll find a cut gourd just right for your project or ask me to cut one especially for you.

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dried gourd example

Whole Gourds

At this time we are only offering cut gourds.

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gourd bowl example

Gourd Bowls

These gourds have been cut into a bowl shape.

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bowl base gourd example

Gourd Bowls (with Base)

These gourd bowls have a second gourd attached underneat to act as a base.

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vase gourd example

Gourd Vases

These gourds are shaped into vases, perfect for holding dried flowers.

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gourd bank example

Gourd Banks

Here are some gourd banks that you can paint. They all have a coin slot and rubber stopper on the bottom.

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diorama gourd example

Diorama Gourds

These gourds are opened on one side, so you can construct a diorama inside them.

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candy dish gourd example

Gourd Candy Dishes

Here are some gourds cut into fancy candy dishes.

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gourd mask example

Gourd Masks

These gourds can be decorated like masks and hung against your wall.

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gourd birdhouse example

Birdhouse Gourds

These gourds have been drilled with the required holes to be used as a birdhouse.

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cut gourd example

Miscellaneous Cut Gourds

Want some interesting gourds? Here are some that don't fit any of the above categories.

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accessories example

Gourd Crafting Accessories

Useful gloves for cleaning gourds and a very nice wood putty, great for unique gourd craft projects.

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