Gourd Banks

I am starting to make some banks for you to finish. They will all come with a slit and hole with rubber stopper. I will also have a coat of clear sealer inside.

You can have a bank similar to one I made. gourd bank

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Attention: Gourds are listed as single gourds only. There is ONLY ONE OF EACH unless the description says otherwise. Please do not add to cart more than once!

gourd bank
7.5" tall, 7" wide
gourd bank
8.5" tall, 6.5" wide
gourd bank
gourd bank
9" tall, 8" wide
This gourd has a beautiful clear shell for burning and a really nice round shape. It formed a crack near the top where the slot is (pictured). I repaired it and it could be covered easily with trim of some sort. $20.00