Ordering Information

Have any questions on ordering gourds from Martha's Gourds? This page will answer them.


Is There a Minimum Order?

We have no minimum order!

Just remember, there is only one of each gourd unless otherwise specified. When you check out, the quantity of a certain gourd should say "1".


Placing Gourds in Your Shopping Cart

You can place your order online directly through MarthasGourds.com. This is the quickest way to order.

Each gourd has a button that will place it in the shopping cart. You can return to the site and order another gourd but please do not order the same one multiple times. There is a reason why you can't change the quantity in the box. It is because there is only one of that gourd available.


Ordering by Email or Phone

If you would rather not use the shopping cart you can still email me with your order especially if you have a special request as in needing a gourd cut for a specific project. A simple straight across cut is an extra $5 added to gourd price. Price for cutting other more complicated designs would be determined by project.

Locate the # of the gourd or gourds you would like to order. We have no minimum order except there is only one of each gourd unless otherwise specified.

E-mail with your list of desired gourds and your zip code. I will calculate shipping charges and get back to you with your total. We take checks, money orders and credit cards.

Please do not to send credit card #'s through e-mail.

You can also contact me by phone: 814-765-0153


Custom Orders and Special Requests

Please contact me directly if you are interested in any gourds not seen on the website, large quantities, or a custom-cut gourd. Do not call for whole gourds. I do not offer them at this time.

You can contact me by email or phone: 814-765-0153