QuikWood Epoxy Putty

epoxy putty stick

Quikwood epoxy putty stick comes in a plastic roll and stays soft until the two parts are mixed.

Hand-kneadable, fast-setting polymer compound. Just cut off a piece the size you think you may need. I don't like to get too much at once. You can always add more later if you need to. Using damp fingers Work the two sections together until they are one color. Attach your pieces and let cure. I enjoy the fact that the pieces stay together right from the get go. It Will not shrink or pull away. One hour after application it can be drilled, sawed, sanded, filed, and painted.

You can also sculpt or carve the product for intricate detail. It bonds to metal, glass, masonry and many plastics so you can attach many things to your gourds.

The economical 2oz. 7" size is the one I carry at the moment

Coming soon I will have some examples of how I use the product.

Other uses for Quikwood epoxy putty:

  • Permanent repairs to wood.
  • Fill scratches, gouges, cracks, dry rot, insect damage and knotholes.
  • Repair furniture, molding and frames.
  • Reshape woodcarvings.
  • Mold wood knobs and handles.
  • Hobby and crafts.