Working with Wobbly Gourds

If you have a gourd that won't stand or is wobbly, here are some ways to fix it.

You can make stands or feet for the gourd with clay, glass stones, sea shells, wood, or pieces of gourds. You can probably think of some more things to use.

A base can be made by making a ring with clay big enough for the gourd to sit on. I then press the gourd into the clay to form it to fit. Bake the clay according to package directions and when cool, glue the gourd onto the ring, fitting the gourd in the same position as you first pressed it.

Another base I use when I want something a little more substantial is made from a homemade recipe. Mix together 2 parts fine sawdust and 1 part flour. Add just enough water to hold it together.

Make a ball big enough to fit the bottom of the gourd and press it down some. Lay a piece of plastic wrap over it and finish pressing it down with the gourd. Lift off the gourd and plastic. There will probably be some cracking on the edges; just press them back together. You can let this air dry or speed it up in a low temperature oven. I use wood glue when I want to attach it to the gourd.


This base can be sanded smooth and you can also smooth some wood putty on to even out small cracks.

I have used this same recipe for making individual feet or parts for gourds such as ears and noses.

If you have some leftovers, put it in an airtight container and place in the refrigerator. It will keep for a few weeks.

I have started using a new product to attach pieces that have made working with gourds easier. It is called Quikwood and you can find out more about it by clicking on the picture.